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Mercedes-Benz Service Schedule

Mercedes-Benz Service in Folsom - Angelo's Performance Plus

The service schedule for your Mercedes will vary, depending on the year, model, Service A-H, the on-board computer diagnosis, and the wear caused by the driver. If in doubt, drop by Angelo's or schedule a visit so we can perform a diagnostic check using our state-of-the-art equipment.
Angelo's Performance Plus always uses high-quality OEM original equipment when servicing your car. Call us today to discuss your Mercedes service needs.

Mercedes Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement

Due to the fact that the technology used by Mercedes in its cars has changed over time, there's no one set answer to the question of "What oil should I use in my Mercedes." For the same reason, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to determining how often to change your oil. The answers to these questions vary according to model and model year of your car, so it's best to speak to one of the technicians at Angelo's to guarantee a long lifespan for your Mercedes.

Mercedes Air Filter Replacement

As with just about every car on the road, the filters in your Mercedes are some of the least expensive parts you'll ever have replaced. But they're critically important, and can seriously impact performance and gas mileage if not replaced on a regular basis. Talk to your local Angelo's service technician to find out if your air filter is due for replacement.

Mercedes Brakes and Brake Fluid

Brake fluid and brakes are critical to the operation of your Mercedes, as well as the safety of you and your passengers. Because of this, your car should be checked on a regular basis. Ensuring that your brake fluid is changed when necessary will result in your brakes wearing more evenly and lasting longer, saving you money in the long run.

Bring your car into our shop, and we'll make sure that your brakes and fluid are in tip-top shape, and let you know when they're due for replacement.

Mercedes Spark Plugs

Spark plugs can have drastically different lifespans, depending on the brand, quality, and material they're made out of, as well as the operating conditions of your car's engine. When you bring your Mercedes into Angelo's for a check-up or repair, we'll make sure that your spark plugs are clean and operating correctly, and let you know when they're due to be changed. Typically, we replace spark plugs every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Mercedes Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter is what makes sure that the gas flowing through your engine is clean and free of contaminants that can clog fuel injectors or create other problems. It's a waste to spend four dollars a gallon putting premium grade gas in your car if the fuel filter is filthy and past due to be replaced. Typically, fuel filters should be replaced every 60,000 miles, but this can vary. We can tell you if your fuel filter is clean and working correctly, and when it should be changed out.

Mercedes Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid isn't prone to the moisture absorption that plagues brake fluid. However, as with anything mechanical, foreign matter and build up will contaminate the fluid over time. Angelo's can tell you if your power steering fluid is clean, or if it's due to be changed.

Mercedes Transmission Flush, Fluid and Filter

We will flush the transmission of your Mercedes-Benz according to the manufacturer's recommendation for your specific model and year. When we replace the fluid, we also change out the transmission filter and pan gasket, items that are often overlooked by other Mercedes service providers.

Mercedes Cabin Air Filter

People tend to forget about Mercedes-Benz cabin air filters, as they don't have to be changed in order for your car to work properly. However, your lungs will likely thank you if you replace the cabin air filters based on the year, model and factory recommendation - usually every 15,000 miles. Let us take a look, and we'll show you how your air filters look, and tell if you they need to be replaced.

Mercedes Timing Chains

Just about 100% of the cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz have timing chains, rather than timing belts. Timing chains usually last the lifetime of the car, while drive belts have to be replaced intermittently. This is just one of the many perks of owning a high-end vehicle. However, timing chains do occasionally fail, with catastrophic results. It's rare, but it happens.

When you bring your Mercedes into Angelo's for regularly scheduled maintenance, we'll check the timing chains to make sure that they're in good shape.

Mercedes Coolant Flush and Replacement

We recommend a radiator coolant flush and replacement on a regular basis as a good, preemptive bit of maintenance, to ensure that your engine's cooling system continues to work properly. It's worth it to spend a few dollars to save a few hundred in the long run. We usually replace the coolant in your Mercedes every 4 years.

When you need Mercedes service in Folsom or Mercedes repair in Folsom, give the experts a call here at Angelo's Performance Plus today or stop by our shop for assistance! 

"Took my Mercedes in for a pretty major repair and Adele and Mike took care of me and my car. They worked with me on the work that needed to be done and Mike was very thorough and explained in detail which I didn’t understand but I got the point and when I got my rocket ship back it was like a brand new car. Very satisfied with the service and work that was done. Highly recommend them for any service. I will not go anywhere else!!!" - R.Z.