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Sacramento German Auto Repair

Angelo's Performance Plus has been repairing and servicing BMWs, Mini Coopers, and Mercedes in Sacramento for more than 40 years. Whether your high-end vehicle is simply due for its latest service schedule check, or you have a car that has been in and out of shops that nobody can seem to diagnose or repair, we can help you.

Sacramento BMW Repair and Service

California State Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA We are called up by BMW car repair businesses all over the country to consult on difficult cases. As a consequence, we have seen, diagnosed, and repaired some of the most challenging to fix BMWs anywhere.

A few years ago, we had a customer come in with a nearly new twin turbo 2008 BMW 335i. It was running terribly, and nobody could make sense of what was going on with the vehicle. Symptoms would come and go and change without warning. When we hooked the car up to our diagnostic computers, we got a flurry of fault codes that conflicted with one another and didn't match up with the problems we were observing. It simply didn't make sense.

We took a step back, and started digging through all of the documentation we had on hand. We came up with nothing. We then took it a step further by referring to BMW's technical service bulletins, to see if this issue had popped up in other BMWs of the same model. Again, we came up with nothing.

At this point, we knew we were on our own. So we put the books away, and looked again at what the car was telling us. We looked at all of the error codes, and tried to figure out what could possibly be related to all of these codes, even indirectly. After some brainstorming, we thought that maybe, just maybe, a major problem with the camshaft could explain everything.

In case you don't know, a camshaft is the central metal rod that, as it spins, opens and closes the valves in an engine, allowing the pistons to rise and fall. It more or less regulates the entire operation of the engine. So while we had been seeing symptoms and fault codes that indicated that there were many different separate problems distributed throughout the vehicle, it made sense that perhaps that this single, central piece of equipment was causing issues to pop up everywhere.

We stripped down the engine, and carefully examined the camshaft. As it turned out, there was an extreme amount of wear around several of the camshaft journals (round metal pieces that fit into the shaft's bearings, allowing the camshaft to spin freely). Because of this wear, the camshaft had been able to shift and wobble erratically. Sometimes, by chance, the shaft would seat itself so that the car ran fine. But then it would shift out of true again, and cause the engine to run incorrectly. Because the position of the camshaft was inconsistent, how the engine ran kept changing, causing the symptoms to change and the car's computer to throw different error codes from one minute to the next. Once we replaced the camshaft, the 335i was as good as new, and the customer went home happy.

A few years later, BMW sent out a service bulletin indicating that they had discovered a defect in that specific model year of 335i that caused the camshafts to wear prematurely, causing difficult to diagnose erratic engine problems. As it turned out, we discovered a manufacturing problem several years before BMW did.

When you bring your BMW into Angelo's, you can be certain that we will show the same attention to detail and care that we did with that 2008 335i.

Sacramento Mini Cooper Service and Repair

We have resolved challenging Mini Cooper problems similar to the BMW case described above. However, we handle all things Mini Cooper. Many of our longtime customers have never had a single thing go wrong with their Minis, but they trust us to fulfill the official Mini Cooper maintenance program down to the tiniest detail. And it's our firm belief that our dedication to proper servicing and maintenance that ensures that so many of our customers rarely have to worry about anything other than routine maintenance.

Sacramento Mercedes Repair and Service

Angelo's Performance Plus has been repairing services to Sacramento Mercedes owners for more than 40 years. Many of our customers come from a long line of loyal customers dating as far back as our founding in 1972.

Sometimes, new customers are surprised at our ability to work on Mercedes that no else will touch. But as our longtime customers could tell you, that's because we have become experts at solving the trickiest of issues. When other local shops-and even national-level businesses-run into a problem that they can't figure out, they turn to us. Because of our many years as the go-to resource for other businesses specializing in Mercedes, we can confidently say that we've just about seen it all. Whether you have a classic Mercedes model or a brand new electric model, we've worked on them all.