Best Sedans Under $50,000

If you are a new driver or just need a vehicle with four doors and adequate interior space, sedans have probably crossed your mind. But which one to choose? Almost every car manufacturer makes some kind of sedan, making it difficult to choose one. That's why we have listed three of them below that also fit in under the budget of $50,000. We have also noted why they are on the list.

2015-2022 Genesis G70

The luxury division of the Korean manufacturer Hyundai comes on our list with one of its best cars, the G70. It's a comfort-oriented sedan, with a good powertrain and quite a lot of space. The engine is a 3.3L turbocharged V6 making a very respectable 376 HP and it's of course an automatic. Since the 2015 facelift, models have had a beautiful and elegant appearance. And another plus is the interior, which rivals European competitors.

2020-2023 BMW 5 Series

While the 5 Series sedans from BMW might come really close to the budget, they surely make it up in performance, looks, and luxury. When talking about specs, we can't give you an exact answer because there are a lot of trims and it all depends on your taste. But we can tell you one thing for certain, BMW has done a great job with every single one of the models. From the inside to the outside, it's all just perfect. Because of its sports trim, it's perfect for those of you who want to have a little fun while still being family-friendly.

Tesla Model 3

The third and final car on our list is the Tesla Model 3. When talking about price and performance, Teslas are very hard to beat. The Model 3 comes just at the budget mark and can be found for less on the used market. It has options for an AWD and FWD powertrain, but we recommend the AWD for the extra grip and stability. The interior is wide, spacious, and modern. It's just the right pick for anyone looking to switch to EVs.

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